Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Need an iPhone

I'm running around a lot these days, for some strange reason. Things to do after work, things to do on the weekend...I take a magazine or book with me to while away the time, because I can't exactly write on my projects on the subway, but it feels a bit like wasting my time. If I had an iPhone, I could be blogging! best of all worlds! Or--hey--Tweeting. I actually did open a twitter account. Right now it's stupid. But if I got an iPhone...I could make witty, trenchant 140-character observations in the moment they happen. Like this morning. I was rounding a corner and I bumped into an older man. He looked at me, confused, and I smiled and apologized. He smiled back and we went on our ways. Twitter post: "People can be nice." Deep!

Or the moment I walked out the door. I have a pair of white sandals that I love but they HURT. I've had them a few years and I've thought numerous times that at some point, really, they'll get broken in. So I put them on and walked out the door and about halfway between the apartment building and the subway, I thought, "Still not broken in." Twitter post: "My shoes hurt! Cute but not practical." Give people a little light into my life.

And I had some odd dreams last night. I don't remember what they were, other than that I was trying to do the Charleston with someone. But we were adding in an extra beat and I kept saying, "No, it's in four." This not-remembering-my-dreams thing is happening a lot. If I had an iPhone, I could jump out of bed and Twitter about my dream: "Charleston in four, not five counts." See, that's practically a public service announcement, it's so helpful.

Oh, I know, I'm not the first person to ridicule Twitter. Lots and lots of pundits hate it, think it's stupid, write about how stupid it is. But get this: most of them have Twitter accounts! It's bizarre to read an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times by a respected journalist and have the article end saying, "Be my friend on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter!" Sigh.

I don't want to Twitter at every moment of the day, so I probably don't need the capacity to do so. The chief effect not having an iPhone has on my life is that I can't look up an address while I'm en route. That's all I've noticed, anyway.

But I still want one.


AlexFam said...

Great post. Twitter...sigh...I'm not into it either. I can't imagine becoming so dependant on information that amounts to bits and pieces of nothing. Oh well.

I'm glad things are progressing so well with your writing projects. Keep it up!

Lilita said...

Resist the pull of the dark side; don't drink the kool-aid! It's just the (expensive) illusion of productivity, I promise. And don't let your cousin tell you any differently!