Saturday, September 29, 2007

Facts and figures

I’ve broken the 100,000 mark.

I shouldn’t phrase it that way, because that makes it sound like I have sold 100,000 copies. This would be phenomenal.

This is not the case.

Instead, I am saying “broken the 100,000 mark” in that I am now *under* 100,000...on It may change by the time I post this entry, but the last time I checked (yesterday, Friday) I was at 75,000 on Amazon. Not so great, you might say, but considering that I have been hovering around 110,000 (and once when I checked, I was at 299,000) 75,000 does not sound bad at all. This is going in the right direction. Maybe it was the lovely woman at work yesterday who put me over the edge? I was totally hard-nosed about it, making her order online. At this point I far prefer getting the number (and the, oh, $2 profit) than getting $14 in cash. It doesn’t seem terribly logical...except that I need numbers!

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